Procedures And Policies

A. Patients are fully responsible for all fees / costs regardless of insurance coverage. All fees are due prior to or at time of appointment.


B Patients are responsible for any appointment changes or cancellations. These must be made at least 24-hours prior to the scheduled appointment time, Monday appointments must be canceled prior to 2:00PM on the preceding Friday, and that failure to do so will result in a charge of $25.00 per occurrence.  All fees are due upfront and are collected at the time the appointment is made or at time of appointment. The missed appointment fee will be charged at my scheduled appointment or when rescheduling the missed appointment.


C. NCRT provides Covid19 tests made available by the FDA Emergency Use Authorization. There is a small chance that a False Positive or False Negative result may occur. Physician, Staff and Practice are not responsible for any erroneous test results.


D. For a positive result from a Covid19 Anti-Body Test patients will be tested again at no charge and a medical professional will advise on next steps.


E. PCR test results will be available  within 24-48 hours after the office visit. If results are not returned within 24-48 hours the fee charged will be refunded to me by NCRT.  A refund of fees is the only remedy for receiving test results beyond the 24-48 hour window. Patients will be emailed and contacted by NCRT Staff and laboratory services with the results. If positive, patients have an NCRT medical professional advise on next steps.


F. A Rapid Anti-Body Test requires a finger prick to provide a required blood sample. A PCR Test requires Nasal or Oral Passage to be swabbed.


G. An administrative fee of $50.00 will be charged for any office paperwork requests such as multiple Superbill’s not provided at time of visit or Superbill replacements, patient records, and legal correspondence. Requests are processed within 30 days.


H. NCRT does not currently participate with any insurance provider, worker’s compensation, or Medicare. Patients are responsible for all charges.  A billing statement, Superbill, will be provided for insurance related matters.  Physician, Staff, and Practice makes no representation and is in no way responsible for any insurance reimbursement matters between me and my health care provider.


I.  NCRT abides by any and all local and federal laws as they pertain to the sharing of information on positive PCR test results. Currently all positive PRC tests must be, and therefore will be reported to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).  DHHS may contact patients for the purpose of gathering information and to identify the origin of an active infection, commonly referred to as contact tracing. Patients acknowledge that they will participate and provide any information required under the law.